General Questions

Where do you ship?

We ship Connected Hearts Club mailers and our other physical products worldwide!

I'm a new customer! Do you have discounts for the first purchase?

Use code WELCOME15 at checkout to receive 15% off your first order! This includes tarot readings and Connected Hearts Club subscriptions as well as physical products.

Tarot Readings

What type of reading is best for me?

For most people without a specific area of focus, a general reading is the best way to go. If you have a specific problem, I offer specialized readings for healing, friends and family relationships, and romantic relationships to provide a more pointed result. If you need quick guidance and would prefer to receive a shorter reading more quickly, the mini reading is a great, inexpensive option to provide immediate guidance for a fraction of the cost.

What can I expect when I book a reading?

Once I receive your order in my shop, you'll receive an email from me with the link to a survey to complete your booking, where you can provide more information about yourself and ask a question. I cannot complete your reading without this survey, so the quicker you complete it, the sooner I can get to your reading! You'll then receive your results via private YouTube link once I've completed your reading. If you need accessibility accommodations to be able to enjoy your reading results (such as closed captioning or a PDF transcript), you can request these in the intake survey.

What's your turnaround time for reading results?

Provided you fill out the intake survey in a timely fashion, about a week but usually less. (If you book a mini reading, you should see your reading results in about 2-3 days.)

Is an online/remote reading really effective?

Understandably, some people question the effectiveness of a tarot reading over the internet. The answer to this is complex, but in short - I can read energy just as effectively remotely as I can in person, provided I have the client's name and their question to help me connect to their intentions. Just ask my clients - their satisfaction is proof that a remote tarot reading is a great option!

How can I figure out what kind of question to ask?

Deciding what question to ask when you book a reading can be a complex process, especially for folks who haven't gotten a reading done before and don't know what to expect. Some situations feel more straightforward than others and it can be challenging to phrase your question in a way that works well with tarot. Keep some things in mind about the art of tarot before deciding on your question:

Tarot can...

  • help you tap into your intuition

  • show you parts of yourself that need attention or point out issues you aren't actively considering

  • give outside perspective on a problem

  • connect your with your true authentic self

  • remind you what you really hold important

  • offer insight on what potential paths forward could look like

  • empower you to heal, find your power, and manifest what you want

Tarot cannot...

  • make decisions for you

  • tell you what will happen in the future

  • tell you how other people feel about you

  • tell you what you want to hear, instead of what you need to hear

  • give definite or absolute answers on a problem (no yes or no questions - but, I will help you reframe your question to something that we can talk about!)

Connected Hearts Club

What is included in my subscription?

Each month, you will receive a handwritten tarot reading with your card included as a keepsake, a crystal selected and charged specifically for you, a community reading for all of us centering the theme for the month, and other goodies from small businesses that change every single month. You'll also gain access to the Connected Hearts Club community Discord server, a 24/7 chat room full of supportive and really freaking cool people just like you who are working on getting more in touch with their authentic selves!

How does billing and shipping work?

You can purchase a Connected Hearts Club membership as a one-time purchase or as a monthly auto-renewal subscription service. If you select the monthly subscription, you will be charged on your initial purchase, then every month after that you'll be billed on the first of the month. Packages are shipped out during the last week or so of the month for the beginning of the new month. New subscribers must join before the 21st of the month in order to be included in the current month's mailer - if you miss the cutoff, you'll be included in the following month's mailer. Please note that payments billed before the cutoff date in October, for example, will be for November's mailer.

My renewal failed - what do I do?

If your payment information fails, we will try to charge you again every 3 days for a maximum of 4 times before we cancel your subscription. Check and make sure that you have sufficient balance in your account or that your payment information hasn't expired.

I forgot to skip this month and my subscription renewed anyway. Can I still skip the month?

Send us an email at info@hicatherinerose.com and we'll be happy to sort the issue out with you! Keep in mind that if your subscription has already renewed and you skip, it will skip the following month rather than the month you were billed for, so it's best to contact us directly so we can process the refund manually.

I loved the products you included in my Connected Hearts Club mailer! Can I buy more from your shop?

If we have remaining product left over from a month's mailer, we will stock the remaining product in our online store. However, since we order our featured products directly from small businesses, we typically don't continue to purchase and sell their product after a mailer has been sent out, so if you love a product and we're all out, make sure to go check out the business it came from and order directly from them!

Returns & Refunds

Can I get a refund on my tarot reading?

Unfortunately, tarot readings are non-refundable. If something comes up on my end that leaves me unable to deliver your reading, I will issue a refund.

I'm missing part or all of a product I ordered/Connected Hearts Club mailer. Can I get a refund or replacement?

Send us an email at info@hicatherinerose.com and we'll sort the issue out!

I'm not satisfied with the quality of a physical product I ordered from you. Can I return it for a refund?

We are not able to accept returns on items included in Connected Hearts Club mailers, but other physical product can be returned within 30 days of delivery provided it remains in its original packaging, unworn and unused. Email us to process your return and we will send you a shipping label to return the product. If we determine the product is in returnable condition once it reaches us, we will issue a refund.

Media, Reviews, & Vendor Policies

I own a small business and want to see my products included in your shop or in one of your Connected Hearts Club mailers! How can I get in touch?

Please send us an email at info@hicatherinerose.com with the subject line VENDOR INQUIRY and we'll be happy to keep you in mind for future boxes!

I want to interview you for a media feature/blog post! How do I initiate this process?

Thank you for thinking of us! Send us an email at info@hicatherinerose.com - we'd love to work with you to see if this fits into our schedule and goals.

I run a YouTube channel/blog/other social media channel and am interested in reviewing your products. Will you send me free product in exchange for a review?

We'd love to hear from you! Send us an email with the subject line REVIEW REQUEST and include your social media accounts and a short summary of your audience demographics, and we'll do our best to figure something out that works for both of us.